Why I Returned to OmniFocus

OmniFocus Inbox As a disciple of GTD (Getting Things Done™), I need to have a “system” for organizing my action items, projects, areas of focus, goals, reference materials, among other things.  In the years that I have implemented GTD methodologies, I have changed my “systems” frequently (which is a problem, and worthy of another blog post).  I have tried Outlook hacks, paper-based implementations, Toodledo, Things, Google Tasks, and other short-lived solutions.

Another application that many of my co-workers use is called OmniFocus by the OmniGroup.  I also used this application a while ago.  This is probably the best GTD application on the market.  Unfortunately, it is only available on Mac OS, and there is no web presence or service to access the data.  These factors have held me back from using the application despite its superiority in features.

Since I own both the iPhone and iPad, I have experimented with OmniFocus once again.  Recently, OmniFocus was updated to take advantage of iOS 4.0, and I have been happy with things so far.  I also own a MacBook Pro, but spend most of my time in BootCamp running Windows 7 (which rocks on a Mac by the way).  So while I am in Windows, I keep track of my projects and action items on my iPad (or iPhone if I am out and about).

I am still disappointed with the OmniGroup for not making my data available through a web UI (so I can manage from PC).  I am also frustrated that there has been no release specifically targeting the iPad.  I would even be happy if OmniGroup provided the data through a web service or OData.

So I have returned to OmniFocus because it is the best GTD so far.  Having said that, I believe in this saturated market there is still an opportunity for a better application to emerge.

Stay tuned…

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