Universal Windows Apps with Angular

Starting with Visual Studio 2013 (with update 2), developers can create an app with a single solution to target multiple devices such as PCs, tablets, or phones.  This type of solution can generate universal Windows apps.  These can be written with C#, C++, or JavaScript. For video training on the topic, please check out the free course at the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

If written with JavaScript, web developers who use Angular will be happy to know you can continue to do so while making apps.

For a jumpstart on the development process, I have created a starter solution with a bare-bones shell that properly sets up Angular for use in the project.  The starter solution is named AngularVS (Angular for Visual Studio) and is available publicly at github.

A key factor for Angular to work properly in these types of apps is the use of the the ng-csp directive as seen below.  Not only will this enable Angular to work smoothly, if declared before other popular libraries|frameworks such as jQuery, it helps enable them safely too!


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