Time to Get Involved

imagePlease be part of my app experiment.  I recently submitted my first app to the Windows Store, and I want you to be involved.  No, I am not asking for you to pay for it, because it is free.  No, I am not asking for you to give it a high rating, as that would give me a false sense of the app’s real value and an unfair advantage for competing apps.  So what am I asking for?  And how can you benefit from getting involved?

First, let me formally introduce you to the app – Tile of Time.  In order to appreciate your potential involvement, please consider the following excerpt from the app’s description in the store

Tile of Time is an app dedicated to making it very simple to know what time it is.  This app is deliberately simple because it is meant to have more features added only at the request of the community.  In other words, this app will improve and get better based on your feedback!image

If you are a developer, can you appreciate how difficult it was for me to release an app so simplistic in nature, it felt unfinished?  Mind you, the release in the store is complete, and does what is says it does.  However, based on the description above, the intent of the app is to evolve with more features based on feedback from the community.  You see, I truly believe app development is an ongoing process that should yield to a great degree to the consumers. 

So how can you be involved?  Please download the app and provide me feedback.  Consider an example of one of the app’s first reviews from a user in the United Kingdom:


Very simple feedback (thanks Chris), and a feature I look forward to implementing.

Now, how do you benefit from this?  I am documenting this journey and will provide all my lessons learned so that you – an aspiring app developer – can accelerate your development cycle with great efficiency.  The more feedback I receive, the better tips & tricks you get.

I look forward to your feedback!  I would prefer the feedback through the reviews at the Windows Store, as this is part of the experiment.  However, if you have a need to reach me otherwise, please send me your thoughts through this contact page.

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