Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta v3.0


I attended my first Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta last week, though it was the 3rd installment of the community tech sharing experience.  I was asked to be master of ceremonies, and I also presented on ASP.NET MVC 3.

The community event in Denver was very well attended and supported. Speakers came in from the local area as well as neighboring states such as Utah and Arizona. I was very impressed with the support shown by family members of the speakers and volunteers. I am also quite taken with a rising rock-star in the Microsoft developer community - Drew DeVault (only 17 years old). Keep your eye out on him!

Thanks to all the folks that made the event a success! I will be blogging about MVC 3 that will touch on all the items I spoke about during my presentation.

Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta v3.0

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