Review: Continuous Integration In .NET

continuous integration in .netToday I received a personally signed copy of the book – Continuous Integration In .NET by one of it’s authors, Craig Berntson (thank you Craig!).

I often thought this topic was sorely needed in book format.  I also wondered how such a book could be written, since there is so many ways to accomplish continuous integration.  Would the authors favor a particular way, or provide every possible scenario?

What I enjoyed about this book was the balance of concept and implementation.  While methods were explored with certain tools, fair comparisons were made to others.  Factors such as cost and ease of use were mentioned.  Excellent diagrams and screen captures are sprinkled throughout the book to guide someone new to CI to quickly get started (newbies will LOVE the “Hello World” walkthrough).  The book is divided into 3 main parts, and it is VERY EASY to navigate and switch to another topic of preference.

This is my first book review in my new role with Microsoft, and it is my pleasure to proudly recommend Continuous Integration In .NET by Marcin Kawalerowicz and Craig Berntson.

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