Power Window Repair

I recently rolled down the driver-side window of my truck… and it would not come back up.  After trying repeatedly to get it to work again (failing each time), I started thinking “What is the bill going to be for this nuisance?”

I asked some of my friends in the Phoenix area if they ever had this type of problem with the power window no longer working.  Those who replied also shared the sticker shock of the repair price – anywhere from $300 to $700.

Determined not to spend that much, I binged ‘power window repair’ and started researching.  I was intrigued by the following:


Only $99 for the repair?  Seemed too good to be true.  I looked up the Power Window Repair on Yelp and read the reviews. Because the reviews were great and recent, I called the company.  I got a voicemail and left my contact information.  Within a couple hours I got a call back from a nice lady who asked me details about my situation.  She quoted me a price on the phone ($129 all taxes included) to repair my window.  We made an appointment for the next day.  The repair would be done at my location.

Paul arrived on time and had my window fixed in under 30 minutes!  With no surprises with the repair bill, I gladly paid the $129!

What is the point of this story?  It demonstrated a true “win-win” for all parties.  From an internet perspective, it reminded me of these things:

  • Research a repair on the internet, even if your friends have a connection for you.  Why not compare and validate?
  • When researching a company, strive to get a 3rd party opinion. When reading reviews, be cognizant of the dates.  Recent reviews weight higher than older reviews.
  • If you offer a service, how would you fare with the above?  Would potential customers find you?  What do your reviews look like?

In closing, I want to thank Power Window Repair for such great service!  If you live in the greater Phoenix area and ever have a problem with your power window, this is the company to contact!

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