I Have a New Voice

Image result for amazon alexaI am happy to announce I have joined Amazon and will be evangelizing to developers around the world regarding Alexa – the voice behind devices such as Echo, Dot, and Tap.  It is hard to imagine a future that doesn’t allow people to freely engage with things in their environment by naturally talking.  As such, I am thrilled to be at the dawn of this new voice-interactive era, and look forward to sharing how developers can get involved!

While I will be evangelizing all things Alexa, my primary focus will be in the Smart Home capabilities Alexa has to offer. Imagine the possibilities of walking in a room and saying:

Alexa, dim the lights

Alexa, lower the temperature

The above is possible now.  What else?  Have a voice-interactive idea you wish would come true in your home?  Want to see it become a reality?  Tweet me at @palermo4 and use the #AskAlexa tag to start the conversation!

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