How Did Kevin Ashley Make $100K?

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Michael Palermo welcomes Kevin Ashley to the show as they discuss how Kevin has made over $100k on his Windows 8 apps. Tune in as they discuss some tips and tricks for how you can improve your app revenue like how to properly price your app and various monetization options that are available to you such as in-app purchase, pay-per download and advertising.

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[1:38] How much have you made so far?
[5:21] Did Microsoft pay you to do this?
[6:35] What contributed to your success?
[8:31] Any tips for improving app revenue?
[14:33] DEMO: Monetizing apps
[18:43] Unfair advantage from Microsoft?
[21:45] What do you think makes a great app?
[28:01] (The tough questions come out!)

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