Code Samples for JavaScript Metro Style Apps

What do most developers want when they need to learn something new?  Most of us want code samples, and feature-targeted ones at that.  Thank goodness you will not have to endlessly search  for Metro style app samples via JavaScript.  If you have downloaded a flavor of Visual Studio 2012, the samples are closer than you may have expected.


Be sure to checkout the developer center download page for more samples!

The “New Project” dialog box in Visual Studio provides an option to easily access samples as seen in the following screen capture:


Underneath the “Online” option on the left side of the box, there is a “Samples” option with choice of language. In this example, I chose JavaScript.  Notice the first glimpse of app features just waiting for you to choose. 

Upon selecting a sample, you will get the following dialog box with standard disclaimers:


After clicking the “Install” button, the sample you selected will be loaded into solution explorer.  A description page (downloaded as a solution item) will be displayed as seen here:


The sample is ready to go!  You can poke around (code is pampered with comments) or run it immediately.

The main message here is this – before you go searching the web all over for that “how to” sample, you might be pleasantly surprised to see it is already available via Visual Studio 2012!

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