MSW - Skadoosh!

The above data is not automatically updated.  Please check back periodically for updates

Q:  Why am I not able to see the results in the Skadoosh! app itself?
A:  Skadoosh! currently exports the results in CSV format.  The dev team behind Skadoosh! will be adding automatic results for attendees (if presenter allows it) in the next update!

Q:  It seems like the phone version does not work?  It doesn't respond when I select 'Survey'...
A:  Try double-tapping the icon (known bug, fixed in next release)

Q:  When I select an answer on the phone, it doesn't seem to accept it?
A:  Despite no visual confirmation, once you have selected your answer, just select 'quit & save' icon at bottom of screen. (known bug, fixed in next release)





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